by The Regrets

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released May 13, 2016

released May 13, 2016

All music by The Regrets
All Lyrics by Olivia Russin

The Regrets are

Vocals - Olivia Russin
Guitar - Stuart Solomon
Bass - Samuel Mercy
Drums - Jonathan Betz

Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by Oliver Ignatius at Mama Coco's Funky Kitchen in Brooklyn, NY



all rights reserved


The Regrets New York

We're The Regrets

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Track Name: Jacaranda
You've got your city eats
You're crying in the city streets
You've got cinnamon sugar on your lips, On your lips
Ultraviolet propaganda of those sidewalk jacarandas
Got you rooted in place
Blossoms floating in space

What will you do when the lightening starts
When will recognition strike your heart

It's that song half-remembered
And you're soaking in September
As your hair is turning white
Turning white, it's alright
It's the papers on the table
And the feeling you're not able
And you're not sure that you understand anything at all

What will you do when this clothing rots
What will you be when the lightening stops

It's your CD skip, It's your candles lit
You're sitting on your rooftop
Waiting for your wings to grow
In a way you feel you're dying
Through the sugar and the crying
It's that time you spent waiting for your friend to show
I don't know, I don't know, I don't know

What will you do when you're on your own
When will this place stop feeling like home
Track Name: Casting Call
There's a casting call for the perfect man
Flyers posted on the subway walls
No one ever answers them
But that's alright with me
It's not fair to expect of others
To do what you will not
It's not right to sit around and wait
discontent with what you've got

As you're moving down the street
A sigh on every step
As you're crossing paths with other ghosts
Your mind wilting and unkept

It's boring, so boring
What you think your patience is
It's not stoic, it's just hesitation
All your fruitless flagellation

There's a piece of paper in my heart
With every hurt
Another mark
But I'd rather die with scribbled scrap
Than let that page remain pristine
And why protect the very thing
That takes the most from falling down
I'll clean it off and patch it up
I'll leave the rest of it to luck

I'm never gonna win the game
And so I'd rather flip the board
I wish that you would come with me
Get mad enough to cut the cord

There is a page in everyone
And mine is smudged and stained and torn
And that's completely fine with me
I've accepted all my history

Ooooo ooooo

There's a casting call for the perfect man
And no one's ever gonna answer it
And that completely fine with me